11 Things You Will Relate To If You Read Enid Blyton’s Books As A Kid

Some very daring people use Ouija boards to call spirits and talk to them and ask them random questions. *If* I was audacious enough, I would like to talk to Enid Blyton’s ghost. Those of us who have been voracious readers since we were kids have pretty much devoured her books while growing up. That woman had literally created a magical world to dive into, just by reading a few words from her glorious books.

So if you are of those people who were obsessed with solving mysteries by moonlight and having loyal dogs that saved you from nasty men, rather than studying why Algebra needs to know the value of x…this article is for you! 🙂

1. After reading The Famous Five and The Secret Seven series, you wished you could be a part of a thrilling adventure too


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She made us believe that even as children, we could do something courageous!

2. The way she has created every character is just downright beautiful… and you wished you could meet them

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Stubborn George who hates being a girl, and is yet so soft at heart, Fatty who always gets into trouble and always has a bruise-covered body…to all the folks of The Faraway Tree! 🙂

3. She made studying in boarding schools and living in dorms exciting

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Okay so maybe guys must not have read the Malory Towers and St. Clare’s series, but you girls know what I am talking about!

(Did you not wish you could have a midnight party like the girls did, tip-toeing around people they did not want to invite?)

Oh, also…I want those pellets that Alicia and Betty used in their pranks…the ones that created bubbles after being pasted to the ceiling!

4. You hated characters like Red Tower

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Only avid readers of Enid Blyton books will understand that he is a man…and not a tower!

5. You started seeing magic in everything

I am still hoping to find a Faraway Tree.

6. You wished you could own an island like George did (Fancy!)

7. …Oh and the scrumptious meals that Aunt Fanny provided.

Scones. Marmalade. Tins of sardines.

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(Talking about food…I remembered the magical food from The Faraway Tree series:

“As soon as you bit into them they went pop! and you suddenly found your mouth filled with new honey from the middle of the little cakes. Frannie took seven, one after the other, for she was rather greedy.”

Seven? Forget taking food, I wouldn’t have come down the tree EVER.)

8. Let’s not forget Timmy (Timothy the loyal dog) and the amazing bond he had with George

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True love! <3

9. You wished you could have secret meetings like the Secret Seven did, in a shed with “S.S” on the door, and a good password

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…and the crazy adventures they had!

10. You wished you could get to visit and explore the weird lands on top of The Faraway Tree…


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The Land of Take-What-You-Want, the Land of Spells, the Land of Goodies, the Land of Dreams and the marvellous Land of Birthdays.

11. She instilled in you, a life-long love for books 🙂

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So even though you may have outgrown her books, you will still have a smile on your face every time you read her name and remember those books that shaped your childhood. 🙂

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