The Karnataka CM Has The Most Unbelievable Reaction To VVIP Racism In India


Here’s what happened: On Sunday evening, Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis was attending an event at the National Sports Club of India.

The Mumbai police stalled traffic near the entrance to the club to make way for him and his convoy and even club members were denied entry to the club.  This led to a traffic jam near the club and also enraged club members who have been members for 50 years now and were denied entry without being informed earlier.

Things got ugly when two club members who were denied entry were pinned to walls by the police and abusive language was exchanged.

People who were put to trouble because of the traffic jam and the club fiasco were unhappy about the VVIP Racism that they had to go through for the CM’s convoy to pass through in peace.



The news reached Devendra Fadnavis and he was quick to apologize about the whole situation stating that he  did  “not believe in the VIP culture”.

He tweeted the following immediately after:

and soon after followed up with this:



The news of VVIP racism spread far and when the Karanataka CM, Siddaramaiah was asked about his opinion on the VVIP Racism and he was only full of mockery and sarcasm.

He goes on to say that for them to “run the government”, “people will have to bear” the inconvenience caused by the frequent traffic blockages that the VIPs cause.


Here’s what we think:

The immediate apologetic response of Devendra Fadnavis at least goes on to say that he was unaware of the inconvenience he caused to the traffic and the club members.
Karnataka CM, Siddaramaiah’s reaction was beyond insensitive. Him mocking the news reporter, and openly saying that people will have to bear the trouble is just another instance of how people in power think it is okay for the public to suffer.

Video Sources: Times Now

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