And It’s Official! You Can Actually End An UNO Game With An Action Card

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UNO has just labeled your whole life as a lie! Officially!

We’ve spent our life only wishing that one could thrash our UNO opponents way more brutally by ending the game with a Draw 4 card or a Draw 2 or at least a Color Change card. So that..they are left with no hope of ever recovering from the loss which could only assure that the person loses the game just like Lobo lost to Superman!

For the ones who wish to make the most of their action cards by fucking up your opponent’s game plan, here’s a surprise.

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The argument of ending the game with a Dwar 4 or Dwar 2 rather than a number card has always been rife! But we always ended up getting convinced at finishing the game with a number card. But we now have the verdict from the horse’s mouth itself! Thanks to the digital age, we no more have to depend on the virtual rulebooks that our elder siblings fooled us with for our entire life.

A Twitter user asked UNO to clear the life-long confusion about ending the game with an action card and the reply was most of our’s dream come true!

The official Twitter handle of UNO also elaborated on the rules of ending the game with an action card. The rules which were by far nowhere specified..talking about both the card box and online.

And Tweeple came up to clear their own doubts about the game:

For the ones who are not aware of the ABC of the game. Here’s a quick introduction:

UNO has five action cards namely Draw 4, Draw 2, Skip, Reverse and Wild. Dwar 2 and Draw 4 cards can make your opponent to pick the cards and colors as mentioned on the cards. While Skip lets your opponents chance to play his cards skip while reverse card reverses the cards turn. Wild card can be used to change the color of the on-going game!

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The decades-long debate thus comes to an end! You can win a UNO game with Action cards and that’s it!

We have been following the wrong set of rules of UNO so religiously all our lives. Imagine the number of games we would have won using the action cards in the end! But all’s well that ends well! It’s now time to play the game right, folks!

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