Man Shares How His Boss Got Offended When He Responded With ‘Hey’ To His ‘Hi’ On WhatsApp

Workplaces today have become very lenient as compared to the strict and utterly professional environment of yesteryear. Some offices have also adopted the ‘workplace without walls’ concept to break the boundaries of hierarchy.

Not to forget those who have also done away with ‘strictly formal dressing’. Conversations between bosses and subordinates have also taken a friendly turn.

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But, some old-school peeps might also misunderstand you addressing them formally as disrespect, like in this case.

Taking to Reddit, a user shared a screengrab of his conversation with his boss, named Sandeep, who pinged him on his personal WhatsApp number. In response to his boss’s ‘hi’ the user, Shreyas, wrote ‘hey’.

“Please don’t use the word ‘hey’. It’s offensive for me,” came the reply. And before they could talk more, Sandeep started giving gyaan on how words like only ‘hello’, ‘hi there’, ‘man’, ‘dude’ should never be used professionally.

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On reading this, Shreyas said that he is being casual as he is texting him on his personal number and not on any professional form of communication like LinkedIn or email. To this, Sandeep replies that WhatsApp is not a personal space anymore.

Read their conversation here:

On reading their heated conversation, people quickly jumped in to give their two cents on the matter:

Sandeep was schooled too.

This conversation has also raised a valid question- Is WhatsApp a mode of personal or professional communication? What do you think of this?

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