Angry Employee Thrashes Colleague While Yelling ‘Justification Chahiye’, Watch Video


Getting a raise is not an easy task, especially in the corporate world. Not only do you have to be better than your colleagues but you also have to deal with office politics, conflicts, high-pressure deals, stressful deadlines, and what-not. In the rat race to get a promotion, people get creative to impress their bosses.

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In fact, every employee puts in their best efforts to remain calm during stressful meetings. From answering silly questions to justifying their opinions, employees patiently respond to every redundant query to impress their superiors. But what happens when you ultimately lose your cool?

In a video shared online, a man seems to have lost his cool during a supposed high-pressure meeting. The man can be seen verbally abusing and hitting his colleagues when asked to give justification for something.

Watch the entire video here:

The man can be heard yelling ‘Justification Chahiye’, while his confused colleague asks “Maine kiya hi kya hai?”. He keeps hitting him as other people in the room try to break the fight. While, the reason for the man’s sudden outburst is not really known, he seems to be really frustrated during the meeting.

A few people joked about the man’s angry outburst:

Many people were concerned about the seriousness of the situation as physical violence should not be condoned:

While stress is part and parcel of professional life, resorting to violence is unacceptable in any scenario. What are your thoughts on the incident? Let us know in the comments below.

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