14 Traits Of People Who Get Emotionally Attached Very Easily

Getting emotionally attached to something or someone is a process that takes a while. But, for some of us, this process takes just about as long as it takes a person who doesn’t know answers in an exam to walk out of the examination hall. It’s quick, surprising, and more often than not, painful.

Here are the things any person who gets emotionally attached way too easily will relate to:

1. You get along with people really well

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You’re an instant hit among people when they get to know you.


2. And thus, you end up making a lot of friends

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Strangers one minute, best friends the next.


3. You have a bunch of souvenirs that you save after every important event that happens

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Movie tickets, sea-shells from beaches, and other small things that matter a lot to you.


4. You tend to remember dates because they hold importance for you

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Birthdays, anniversaries, first dates, first kisses, everything. And you don’t even have to try for it.


5. You always think of big gestures when it comes to celebrations

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Why get them a small present and a card when you can throw them a lavish surprise party? 😀


6. You often open up to a lot of people you think are your close friends

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They know everything.


7. Getting emotionally attached to a character in a book or a TV series is common for you

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Cry when they cry. Laugh when they laugh.


8. And yes, you have all the energy to argue with someone in defense of those characters

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What did you just say?


9. Getting emotionally attached to tiny, cute little animals is also not a new thing for you either

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They give you all the feels.


10. You cherish the smallest things and gestures that other people do for you

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Gestures matter.


11. You’ve often been told by people that you get attached to people way too soon

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And you’ve borne the brunt of it all.


12. But, that won’t stop you from being the friendly, charming person you are

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13. Though you’ve made a few mistakes in your judgement in the past, you remain unfazed

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Because even though you’ve lost friends, you’ve also made some really special ones.


14. And you’re glad you’re around to spread the joy of getting to know someone well

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And maybe end up being companions for a long, long time. 🙂

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