Indian Rapper’s Hindi Tribute To Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ Is So Good, It’s Trending On YouTube!

India’s hip hop music scene is getting quite hot and interesting lately, with so many artists gaining popularity. They’ve made inroads into Bollywood even, with movies like Gully Boy bringing them further into the limelight.

One such artist is Emiway Bantai, who’s been a lot in the news lately for his music as well as his much publicised tussle with fellow artists Raftaar and Divine.

According to reports, Emiway and Raftaar engaged in a rap battle of sorts, releasing videos to diss each other.

In fact, the enmity reached such a level that Gully Boy Ranveer Singh posted a video of his own, asking the two artists to stop fighting and move on.

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And now Emiway Bantai is back, but this video isn’t about his beef with any rapper. No, this one is an out and out tribute to none other than the King of Hip Hop, Eminem!

You guys remember Eminem’s iconic Lose Yourself from the 2002 movie 8 Mile?

The song was one of Eminem’s first singles to reach top on the Billboard Hot 100 and is till date considered some of his best work.

The Rolling Stone ranked it amongst the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time and the Top 50 hip hop songs of all time.

Emiway’s Tribute to Eminem is in Hindi, with English lyrics as subtitles, and it is quite something! Don’t take my word for it, but it is currently trending on YouTube!

The 3.33-minute tribute has Emiway talking about his childhood stage fright and a difficult academic career, where Eminem’s music was his only solace. He goes on to rap about how things have changed for him now.

Check it out!

That hook sure got us addicted, didn’t it?

The bantaais in the YouTube comments also seem to think so!

What did you think of that song, bantai?