WSJ Accuses Elon Musk Of Having Sex With Former Intern & Asking An Employee To Have His Kids

Elon Musk, the tech billionaire known for founding companies like Tesla and SpaceX, has a complicated personal life, including multiple affairs and numerous children. As of now, Musk has ten children with three different women. His relationships often make headlines, and recent reports have shed light on several alleged romantic involvements with employees at SpaceX.

The Wall Street Journal recently published an exclusive story titled ‘Elon Musk’s Boundary-Blurring Relationships With Women At SpaceX’ where they alleged that “the billionaire founder had sex with an employee and a former intern, and asked a woman at his company to have his babies.”

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According to Moneycontrol, the report cited text messages, emails, affidavits, and other documents collected from more than 48 people, including friends and family members of the women, and former employees of Musk’s companies.

WSJ alleged that Musk had a sexual relationship with an employee who was a former SpaceX intern. He later hired her onto his executive team. This intern met Musk while she was still in college and shared some ideas to improve SpaceX. Their conversation led to a date, then a kiss, and eventually sex. About a year after her internship, Musk, who is more than 20 years older than her, flew her to a resort in Sicily before they eventually parted ways.

In 2013, another female employee claimed in her exit interview that Musk had asked her to have his children. This request came after she had been denied a raise and had reportedly faced criticism from Musk about her performance.

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Another female employee, who directly reported to Musk, said she had a month-long sexual relationship with him in 2014. The relationship ended badly, leading her to quit SpaceX after signing an agreement that prohibited her from discussing her work with Musk.

These women are among several employees who claimed that Musk gave them extra attention or pursued them romantically.

These allegations paint a troubling picture of the workplace environment at SpaceX, where power dynamics and personal relationships seem to intersect uncomfortably. Whatever happened to professional boundaries?

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