Someone Projected Messages On Twitter Headquarters Roasting Elon Musk From Opposite Building

Elon Musk has managed to annoy a lot of people at once. Not only is he firing Twitter employees left, right, and centre, his constant tweets mocking the recent happenings have changed the way people once viewed him. Earlier, Musk was considered a scientific revolutionary who will advance technology and take the world forward. But now, he is coming across as a businessman who will go to any extent to feed his ego.

The way he fired a veteran Twitter engineer on Twitter after they had an online disagreement is proof.

With all that has been happening surrounding Elon Musk and Twitter, a person who calls themselves a ‘projection activist’ projected messages on Twitter headquarters in San Francisco from the opposite building to roast the billionaire.

Image source

The messages read “worthless billionaire”, “megalomaniac”, “petty”, “racist”, “manchild” and much more.

Image source

Visuals were shared on Twitter by Gia Vang, a journalist working for NBC. She revealed, “Someone is projecting multiple messages onto Twitter headquarters building in SF from a neighbouring building.”

She also posted a video of the incident where the messages can be seen moving from right to left on a wall just beside the Twitter signboard.

People gathered outside the building to watch the showdown. Many also took their phones out to record the projection.

The Twitter-Elon Musk fiasco is taking new turns every day!

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