Elon Musk Reacts To Claim That He “Wasn’t Able To Get A Job, Hence Started His Own Company”

Long before 49-year-old Elon Musk made his name in the world of technology as the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, he was rejected by an American computer services company that he had applied for after his graduation.

A Twitter user named Pranay Pathole shared a throwback photo of the billionaire entrepreneur captioning it, “In 1995, @elonmusk wanted to work with an Internet company.” The factoid stated how he was rejected for a role at Netscape and was also too shy to talk to anyone there, which led to him starting a web software company named Zip2.

Responding to the little throwback post, Elon Musk clarified, “I could get a job, just not at an Internet company (weren’t many back then).”

And there were many reactions from others online to his inspiring journey:

Previously, Musk had replied in the affirmative to another similar throwback post from the same user Pranay. The caption of the post had mentioned the irony in Musk’s story of how the name of his video game company ‘Rocket Science’ eventually became his ultimate field of study, and later entrepreneurship.

Stories of young Elon are definitely interesting to read about, considering how he has now become one of the most important technology entrepreneurs of our generation. Don’t you agree?

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