No Degree, No Problem! Here’s Your Chance To Join AI At Tesla & Report Directly To Elon Musk!

Car enthusiast or not, you’ve probably heard all the buzz around Elon Musk‘s revolutionary Tesla Autopilot. The company’s “full self-driving” feature makes use of advanced AI software to enable the car to potentially drive from the customer’s home to the workplace, vary speeds and navigate traffic signals without human intervention (while still being supervised).

According to CNBC, the tech entrepreneur recently tweeted that the artificial intelligence team is in hiring mode. The chosen recruits will report directly to him and can work based out of the San Francisco Bay area in California, Austin in Texas or any of the Tesla Gigafactories.

The openings listed pertain to various categories like hardware (designers to build silicon chips), neural networks, autonomy algorithms, code foundations (coders to write fast, memory-efficient low-level code to capture high-frequency, high-volume data), and evaluation infrastructure (build tools for live debugging or automated testing).

Instead of degrees, the selection process will take into account a candidate’s talent, work ethic, and past work experience, reports Yahoo. The same has been reiterated by the SpaceX founder in numerous tweets.

This is not a drill folks. The application form requires candidates to fill out just three fields – name, email and “what exceptional work have you done?” So, what are you waiting for?

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