Elephants In Transit Snack On Sugarcane From Passing Truck, People Say ‘It’s A Party On Wheels’

Animals, be it domesticated or in the wild often make me feel that the world would have been dull and emotionless if they weren’t around. But they are not just cute creatures that are meant only for petting. They are equally smart, intelligent and strong. Remember the crow throwing empty plastic bottles inside the bin or how a hungry leopard snatched meat away from a sleeping crocodile’s mouth? Well, this time it’s the elephants that prove that there is more to their innocent façade.

As reported by India Today, a couple of elephants were caught savouring on sugarcane from a lorry standing next to the truck they were been transported in.

The viral video that was shared by a Twitter user shows two elephants on trucks sneakily snacking on bundles of sugarcane that were loaded on another vehicle.

The cute video was shared multiple times on social media. While some highlighted how elephants loved sugarcanes, others said, they were having a ‘party on wheels.’

Take a look:

Probably the elephants were bored of travelling hence they decided to take a snack break. This is hands down the cutest video I have seen today.