Daughter Shares How Her 71-YO Dad Found Love Again & Married A Widow

We have come across many heartwarming stories of children celebrating the remarriage of their widowed parents. For instance, a son shared how his dad found love again, 10 years after his mom passed away; or how another girl successfully played matchmaker for her widowed mother.

Now, a Twitter user named Aditi shared how her 71-year old father, who was a widower for 5 years, remarried another widow against all odds. She mentioned how they braved through the absence of legal rules in the country regarding remarriage, and several women who either ghosted him or asked him for money.

Even though Aditi expressed her concerns about whether the couple would be accepted by society, many people dispelled those fears by showering love in the comments section:

Let’s stop fearing ‘log kya kahenge‘!

Let’s normalize this already!

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Age no bar when it comes to love!

Kudos to the daughter as well!

Another similar experience.

We wish the couple all the joy and happiness for their new journey ahead!

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