Elderly Couple Reunites For 35 Mins After Being Separated For 56 Days Due To Lockdown


The lockdown has particularly been painful for people living away from their families and loved ones. Imagine going through these tough times all on your own without the presence and support of a dear one. It makes me shudder to even think about it!

However, in a heartwarming incident, an elderly couple living in New York was finally able to meet after 56 days of separation due to the lockdown. According to a report by India Today, Howard Smith reunited his wife Lois, an Alzheimer’s patient living at a medical facility,  after a long wait.

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Lois has lived at the New Paltz Center facility since 2015 due to her medical condition of living with Alzheimer’s. Her husband of the past 55 years had been visiting her almost every day till the lockdown was imposed due to the novel coronavirus.

According to Hindustan Times, recently Howard was permitted to meet his wife for 35 minutes. However, he was asked to abide by all precautionary measures. He was asked to wear a mask, stand at a safe distance from her, and no touching was allowed.

Howard’s eyes reportedly lit up after he caught a glimpse of his wife sitting on a wheelchair, wearing a hat. In his brief visit, he talked to her about the happenings of the world, their daughter, and their home.

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Lois’ illness has made her unable to speak. She can only make certain sounds to communicate. However, her husband understands whatever she tries to say!

Ever since the lockdown, elderly people like Howard and Lois have only been able to speak to their loved ones through calls.

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But medical facilities have been trying to come up with safe ways for family visits. One of such through glass windows which we have seen earlier.

This elderly couple’s story gives hope to so many people living away from their dear ones. One day, even we will reunite with them!

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