Video Of Elderly Couple Dancing To ‘Senorita’ Makes Desis Long For Old-School Romances

At a time when there was no internet, social media and dating apps, people used to meet and fall in love in the most adorable ways. Life was unpredictable, and so was love. There was no guarantee that you could share a decent conversation with the person you were attracted to. Stolen glances, touches and smiles were all that were there.

When I look at elderly couples who have stuck by each other over the years, through thick and thin, I realise that they take little steps every day to keep that spark alive in their relationship. Because for them, love didn’t come easy. Many fought with their families and society to be with the love of their lives. Hence, they don’t take their relationship for granted.

For example, here’s an elderly couple seen dancing to ‘Senorita’ at a function. At an age when a lot of people refuse to move or are unable to, this uncle twirls his wife on stage and sets it on fire. The way they look at each other and are so gentle with one another throughout their dance is proof of the charm that still exists in old-school romances.

Have a look at the video here:

The video won the hearts of several people online who showered immense love on the couple. While many called them “made for each other”, others hoped they could find a person with whom they can dance like this in old age! Here’s a look at some of the reactions:

Manifesting a love like this! 😀

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