Elderly Couple Takes Over The Party By Dancing To Retro Song ‘Aa Jane Jaan’ In Video

Many people say that when life gets ‘real’, the love between a couple wears off and the romance and PDA that couples show in their initial days of marriage eventually ceases to exist.

I beg to differ here and so would you after watching this elderly couple enjoy each other’s company in a room full of people.

In a viral video shared by an Instagram user, an elderly couple is seen grooving to the beats of the popular 1969 song ‘Aa Jane Jaan’ from the film ‘Intaqam’ sung by Lata Mangeshkar at a party.

The grace and elegance with which this couple is dancing to the retro song are just amazing. Their love and affection is piercing through the screen and made me smile. I mean look at how much they are enjoying each other’s presence. If this is what ‘growing old together’ looks like then I’m in for it.

Watch this amazing video here:


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People online were rooting for this classy couple. Some people thought that it’s an army couple and the party is taking place in the officer’s mess.

Manifesting a love story like theirs. ūüėć

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