Jacqueline Fernandez Recreating Madhuri Dixit’s Classic ‘Ek Do Teen’ Gets Mixed Response


For the last couple of years, Bollywood has been known for remaking old songs into newer, improvised versions, with a younger star-cast and maybe better editing. The most common remakes are the old item numbers that are evergreen. Although these numbers make for quite peppy music for us today, there are still people who prefer the older, original version over the new ones.

After Tamma Tamma, Laila Main Laila and Aashiq Banaya, another classic song to be remade is one of my personal favourites – ‘Ek Do Teen’ – from the movie ‘Tezaab’, performed by dancing queen Madhuri Dixit.

Jacqueline Fernandez tried to recreate the magic spell of this old classic for the upcoming film, Baaghi 2. It was much awaited by fans of both Jacky and the old classic.

There is no denying that she does look ravishing in the video and it’s done quite well. But the audience reaction was a mix of disappointment and amazement.

On one hand, there were those who absolutely loved the Jacky version and thought it was as great as the old one.

1. This fan who had no comparisons.

2. Which is the first, though?


3. Some fans found both of them to be equally great.


4. Indeed, it was a whistle-worthy performance.


5. I think she already is, no?


On the other hand, a section of the audience, the ones who are old school fans, believed they pretty much ruined the old classic.

1. This is a little harsh.

2. That bad?


3. No chance.


4. Where is the petition? I’d like to sign, please.

5. Priya Varrier does it better.

6. Madhuri will be glad to give lessons.

7. No fun at all ya!

8. I agree with Dipannita, every old song doesn’t need to be remade.

I am still undecided on whether I like the new one any better or if I prefer the old one. Sure, Jaqueline looks fabulous and music is quite peppy, but the old one had Madhuri’s magic ‘thumke ka tadka’, don’t you think?

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