Times Now Confuses Former CIA Agent Edward Snowden For ‘RRR’ Actor Edward Sonnenblick On TV

With the number of blunders media houses have been doing while reporting stories, it seems like journalists and writers are under a lot of stress and pressure. The lack of research and review has brought them in a bad light.

Earlier, popular media houses misidentified Deepika Padukone as Camila Alves from Oscars.

Now, Times Now, which claims to be India’s most-watched English news channel confused former CIA agent Edward Snowden for ‘RRR’ actor Edward Sonnenblick.

Their grave mistake came to light when the news channel did a live interview with the actor from ‘RRR’ Edward Sonnenblick after the Telugu movie won the Oscar awards. However, they added the picture of Edward Snowden on the screen.

The telephonic interview was streamed live with the picture of Edward Snowden titled ‘Actor, RRR’.

The hilarious goof-up caught the eye of people online who shared the video of the live interview on Twitter.

After the news channel realized the mistake, they removed the picture of Edward Snowden from the screen and replaced the name with the original actor Edward Sonnenblick.


People were quick to point out the mistake and called out the news channel for being lazy.

Earlier, a Times Now host scolded the wrong panelist on a live TV debate. This is hilarious and sad at the same time.

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