Edelweiss CEO Suggests A Week-Long Holiday For Diwali So People Can Spend Time With Family

For innumerable people working corporate jobs in cities that aren’t their hometowns and going back home for the festival of Diwali can be a bit of a problem. That is because not many workplaces offer enough number of off days for people to be able to spend enough time with their families. Even those who live with their families find it difficult to prepare for the festive season as they get only 1-2 days off.

Radhika Gupta, CEO of Edelweiss Asset Management Limited, recently took to social media to suggest an alternative. Taking inspiration from the West, she suggested that companies should give a long and extended holiday to employees to celebrate the festive season and spend time with their families.

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“In all my years living in the West, holiday season was long and extended. Christmas time off started after the 15th of December and continued through the New Year. In China, Chinese New Year has a long holiday,” she wrote.

She went on to add that this year, Diwali fell on a Sunday and hence, it didn’t really count as a “holiday”.

“Unfortunately in India, Diwali holidays are usually 1 or 2 days in corporate offices. In years like this one when Diwali falls on a weekend, there is one day off. Many of us travel to be with families across the country, sometimes far and wide.”

A week-long festive break was what she suggested.

“While we can take the days off, is there a care for a longer festive break, maybe a week long one, as a country, so we can enjoy the festive season and family time without counting days?”

Have a look at her post here:

Several people online agreed with what she said and expressed that a week-long holiday would allow them to go shopping, make necessary arrangements for the festival, travel and spend ample time with friends and family. Some companies have even started implementing this idea.

Here’s a look at some of the reactions:

On the other hand, many people pointed out that as compared to the West, which only has one solid holiday break for Christmas and New Year, India has multiple festivals across multiple states – all for which we tend to get days off. Having an extended Diwali break would only reduce the remaining working days.

What are your views regarding this?

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