Watch: Sushmita Sen Dances Gracefully With Daughters At Durga Puja Celebrations In Mumbai

The festive season is in full flow and we can barely keep calm. After all, there is so much to do! There are sweets to be devoured, dances to be danced till our bones fall off, hours of playing dress up so that we can look our absolute best, and of course, moments of divine warmth where the true meaning of this festive season graces us.

And to see what this divine warmth looks like, just chance a glimpse at Sushmita Sen with her daughters during a Durga Puja in Mumbai.

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Draped in a beige-coloured sari teamed with a red embroidered silk blouse, what really makes it hard to look away from her, is her unbridled smile.

Sushmita was clearly over the moon with joy to have her daughters Renee and Alisah with her.

Ever the doting mother, she was there with them every step of the way guiding them along.

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However, the highlight of the night has got to be when this gorgeous mommy picked up an earthen vessel with incandescent smoke flowing from it.

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She swayed beautifully to the music doing the Dhunuchi nach with her eldest daughter Renee. Even little Alisah joins in at one point trying to follow her mother and sister’s steps.

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Watch the video here:

Beautiful, aren’t they? Renee and Alisah are truly blessed to have a mother like Sushmita. The lady is beauty and grace personified!