Only A True Food Lover Can Guess All The Durga Puja Delicacies In This Quiz!

Durga Puja is finally here. And whether or not you’re a Bengali, it’s always a delight to visit the magnificent pandals and gorge on the mouth-watering dishes. So let’s see if you can name these Durga puja delicacies correctly!

1. A classic Bengali sweet dish loved by all!

2. This aromatic dish is served as bhog to maa Durga.

3. With fish as the star ingredient, this dish is cooked in a mustard gravy!

4. A popular Bengali starter which is also called the ‘Banana blossom cutlet’!

5. This sweet treat is a rice based pudding!

6. This non-veg curry and fried puri will leave you wanting for more.

7. Prepared using milk, sugar and jaggery, this ball of happiness is a must have Bengali sweet.

8. This version of Kolkata biryani has potato in it too!

9. A typical Bengali Pujo bhog is incomplete without ______.

10. This desi dessert has our heart.

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