7-YO Boy Dumped By GF For Behaving Rudely With Teacher, Gifts Her Flowers & Wins Her Back


Brace yourselves because this is a love story that’s overloaded with cuteness!

Recently, a 7-year-old boy, named Harley Glenwright, got dumped by his girlfriend because he behaved badly with his teacher. The boy, who has ADHD and autism and finds school challenging sometimes, lost his cool with his teacher, leaving his girlfriend completely unimpressed.

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According to Mirror UK, he came back home crying after getting dumped and confided in his mother. He didn’t want to lose her and wanted to win her back. So, he decided to buy her some flowers (with the help of his mom of course!) and give her a surprise!

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So the next day, he woke up early, dressed up nicely, properly combed his hair, and put on some aftershave. After reaching school, he waited outside the school gate with flowers and a bar of chocolate in his hand. But his girlfriend, Sophie, was late for school so he had to wait a long time, reports Times Now. Finally, when school ended, the two met and he handed her the flowers, apologising.

To his surprise, she gave him a big hug and said that she “loved him to bits”, finally forgiving him.

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The boy went running to his mother and said:

“Sophie and I are back together. She gave me a hug and we’re okay.”

As soon as Sophie got back home, she asked her mother to put the flowers in a vase. Aww!

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Isn’t this the purest love story ever? Boys, take notes!

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