Drunk UP Cops Ask Prisoner To Buy Tobacco For Them. Get Suspended After Video Goes Viral!

Last, I remember, the job of the Police was to nab the bad guys. It’s their duty to protect and set examples for the society to follow. But with shameful incidents coming to light every day, we wonder, are they really doing that?

In yet another bizarre and shameful encounter, two drunk ‘etah’ cops were caught on camera asking a prisoner to buy liquor, tobacco and cigarettes for them. Mind you, the prisoner was still in hand cuffs and was walking around with them.


As soon as the video went viral, UP Police sprung into action and suspended the two cops. The police constables Ravi Kumar Singh Yadav and Rakesh Kumar were taking the accused to the district jail after the court hearing.

Incidents like these put a question on the integrity and the ethics of the police department. It also points towards the callousness of the cops with the accused and his security. He could have easily fled from the spot due to the carelessness of these cops.

If these guys don’t take their jobs seriously, then who will?

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