Drunk Groom Puts Varmala On Sister-in-law Instead Of Bride & Gets Thrashed In Comedy Video

Indian weddings are about the grandeur, the song, and dance and it also often involves alcohol too. And when liquor is involved, things might go South.

Earlier, we came across an incident wherein a bride called off the wedding and decided to marry someone else after the groom got drunk and kept dancing. And now, a video of a drunk groom putting the varmala on another woman has gone viral on Twitter.

In the video, the groom, who is visibly drunk, is seen creating a ruckus while on the stage ready to perform the wedding ritual.

He can’t even stand up straight and is supported by his friend. During the varmala ceremony, the groom commits a blunder by putting the garland on his sister-in-law instead of his bride.

Everyone on the stage is panic-struck with his sister-in-law so annoyed that she jumps and slaps her jiju.

The groom’s sister-in-law is seen chiding him and angrily reminding him how he needs to keep his drinking in check. After receiving scoldings and beatings from his sister-in-law, the groom takes off the garland from her while the bride is seen standing with her head down in shock.

Moments later, everyone returns to normal with the drunk groom continuing the wedding rituals with his OG wife. Watch:

However, this video doesn’t capture a real-life incident. It is a staged video and was posted on YouTube by a comedy channel.

And the video succeeded in doing what it intended to do in the first place – make people laugh! Here’s how people on Twitter reacted to it:

We hope something like this doesn’t happen in real life! 😛

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