2 Elephants Pass Out After Getting Drunk On Corn Whiskey; Twitter Calls It A ‘Trunken Party’

Don’t we all have that one friend who tells the most amazing drunk stories? That one tipsy friend who often ends up in a peculiar situation after a drink or two. While humans enjoy a drink occasionally, you don’t often hear drunk-animal stories. Do you?

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Well, recently a tweet shared online shows two elephants sleeping peacefully after consuming alcohol. The incident reportedly took place in Yunnan, China when a herd of 14 elephants were walking around a village. While looking for food, the giant mammals came across some corn whiskey, reports India Today.

What happened next? Well, have a look at the tweet shared by IPS Officer HGS Dhaliwal:

According to the tweet, the elephants polished off 30kg of corn whiskey. In the adorable picture, two completely drunk elephants have supposedly passed out next to each other.

The party-of-two garnered hilarious reactions online. Have a look at some of the ‘trunken’ jokes:


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While the incident makes for a hilarious drunk tale, we hope the tuskers are alright and safe.

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