Adhyayan Suman Recounts Drug Abuse At B-town Parties, Piyush Mishra Speaks Of B-town Bullies

Bollywood is more than just a melting pot of talent that dishes out content for the amusement of the audiences. The glitzy and glamorous façade of the Indian film industry perfectly conceals ills like nepotism, favouritism among others faced by the people associated with it. Yet, a lot of them have also time and again opened up about the same.

In a recent interview, veteran actor Piyush Mishra said that the industry is more about bullying than nepotism.

Zee News quoted him saying, “I don’t think there is nepotism, or at least I don’t know about it. Dadagiri bahut hai (there’s too much of ‘dadagiri’ (bullying). That ‘I am a bigger star’, ‘tumne humara ashirwad nahi liya (you didn’t seek my blessing), ‘you didn’t stand when I entered’, these type of things exist,” he added.

Highlighting drug abuse in B-town, actor Adhyayan Suman told Times Of India:

“I have said as much as I could about the drug racket in the Indian film industry. I think drugs happen everywhere, I don’t know why only the Indian film industry is being targeted. Drugs are wrong. Nobody should be doing drugs.”

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Sharing his experience in the industry, the ‘Haal-e-Dil’ actor said:

“As far as my experience is concerned, during my initial days in the industry, I went to a couple of big-high profile parties where I saw a few actors doing drugs. It would be wrong of me to say that everyone does drugs because that is not the case.”

“There are few people in the high profile parties who do them and it is really unfortunate. I decided not to be a part of those gatherings, forget doing drugs,” he added.

Well, a lot has been said about the industry over the past few months that has changed the outlook of people towards Bollywood. What do you think about Adhyayan’s comment on Bollywood’s drug nexus?

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