The Winners Of International Drone Photography Contest Are Giving ‘Stunning’ A New Meaning

When I was in 4th standard, I remember reading a poem about viewing the city from a plane. The poet expressed his thoughts on how the chaotic world became instantly quiet and seemed more orderly when the plane took off. Looking at things from far above gives you a different perspective on it altogether, and that’s exactly what aerial photography is all about.

Not to mention, aerial photography has become immensely popular since the drones have come into existence. Dronestagram is one of the most prestigious photography awards that have emerged in this category.

Dronestagram just announced the winners of its 4th Annual International Drone Photography Contest, and the pictures will take your breath away.


1. Provence, summer trim – 1st place


2. Infinite Road to Transylvania – 2nd place


3. Ice formation – 3rd place



4. End of the line – 1st place


5. Waterlily – 2nd place


6. La Vijanera – 3rd place



7. Concrete Jungle – 1st place


8. Dawn on Mercury Tower – 2nd place


9. Peace – 3rd place



10. Two Moo – 1st place


11. Ugo le marin – 2nd place


12. Next Level – 3rd place

Weren’t these absolutely wonderful? A good photographer present at the right moment in right time can do wonders!

h/t: Boredpanda