Driver Leaves Train Mid-Way To Take A Shower, Returns After Two Hours. Only In India!


With the mercury rising every day and breaking records of heat all across the nation, people are resorting to different ways to beat the heat. While most would rely on drinking cold drinks and turning the ACs and coolers to full blast, a train driver in Bihar did something that left the passengers fuming.

In a bizarre incident on Monday, hundreds of passengers travelling on a local train in Bihar found themselves stranded for over two hours at a station as the driver just up and disappeared.

A passenger train, travelling from Patna to UP’s Mughalsarai was halted at Bihar’s Buxar station by the driver, N.K Singh. He then abandoned the train and went to take a cold shower to avoid the scorching heat.

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As there was no driver, the train didn’t move even after receiving the green signal. This made the passengers angry and they started to protest.


The panel controller then made an announcement asking the driver to return immediately. However, the driver was still nowhere to be found. The authorities even launched a search to find him.

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Finally, after making everyone wait for around two and a half hours, Singh returned to the train and moved it forward. But as is evident, no one was amused by his ‘little break’. Railways spokesperson, R.K Singh said,

“We have taken the matter very seriously and will initiate action against the drive after proper investigation.”

A similar incident took place last month on the Patna-Mughalsarai route when the driver stopped the train at a railway crossing to have his assistant get a cup of tea, causing a heavy traffic jam.

But two and a half hours for a shower, that raises more than one type of questions, don’t you think?

News Source: Gulf News

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