8-Year-Old Learns To Drive Via YouTube And Takes His Dad’s Van Out For McDonald’s!

I’m sure most of us have turned to various ‘how-to’ videos on YouTube for a few simple life hacks. There are videos teaching you how to build stuff, cook stuff, dismantle stuff and fix stuff. However, ever in your wildest dreams have you imagined learning to DRIVE via YouTube? Doesn’t seem like the brightest idea, does it?

Well, this 8-year-old kid felt otherwise.

Most recently, an 8-year-old kid in Ohio, United States, learned to drive through a series of YouTube tutorials. Soon after, he decided to put his skills to the test he snuck out of the house with his sister and drove his dad’s van to McDonald’s.

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He drove about a mile, going through four intersections and across a set of train tracks. You have to admit, the kid’s got guts!


However, what’s truly surprising is the kid obeyed all traffic laws and even stuck to the speed limit!

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Luckily, a family friend was at McDonald’s when the boy arrived with his sister. They notified the siblings’ grandparents about it before the police arrived.

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Moreover, nobody was injured in this little boy’s insane joyride.

The idea of learning to drive via YouTube videos doesn’t seem all that outlandish anymore, does it? 😛

News Source: Mashable

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