10 Comics That Capture The Little Joys Of A Tea Lover’s Life

Tea is awesome. From your fresh newspaper to a late evening sutta, it can accompany anything. The day of a tea lover begins with a fresh cup of tea and ends thinking of the motivation that the cup will bring the next morning. Not everyone likes tea, but even the ones who don’t and have never tasted it know how important it is for the ones who cannot live without it.

At different points of time in life, a tea lover has various special moments that they hold close to their heart. Presenting some of the ones that I think many of us would have been through:

1. No morning tea means it is going to be a difficult day

tlc (1)


2. The essential chai sutta break after a brainstorming session

tlc (2)


3. That Ma ke hath ki chai that worked better than medicines

tlc (3)


4. And the joy of taking a long drive just to have chai and bhajiya at your favorite tea stall

tlc (4)


5. To beautiful beginnings, that start over a cup of tea

tlc (5)


6. If papa approves my tea, then I am going to be very successful in life

tlc (6)


7. That exam ki raat wali tea

tlc (7)


8. Small cups of cutting tea on a railway station have many little joys attached to it

tlc (8)


9. Who says the best things in life have to expensive?


10. When tea is all that you need in life

tlc (9)
Keep calm and drink tea 🙂