Pet Parents Dress Up Their Pets To Mark ‘National Dress Up Your Pet Day’, See Pics

Every pet owner will agree that the cute fur-balls become an important part of our lives when they grace our homes with their presence. Their stupid but cute acts make us love them even more and obviously, we never have a dull day around them. Although every day is a good day to give some TLC to our paw-some mates, pet owners across the world are taking the cuteness quotient to a new height by dressing their pets to celebrate ‘National Dress Up Your Pet Day’.

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That’s right, it’s a thing! According to Metro, January 14th marks ‘National Dress Up Your Pet Day.’ Although the day has been celebrated in the US since 2009, it is now celebrated by pet owners across the Globe. The day was reportedly first created by leading pet lifestyle expert Colleen Paige.

Pet lovers take the day as an opportunity to dress their pooches in colourful attires to reflect their personalities. And we are not just talking about bejewelled collars or coats!

Here are some adorable pictures of how pet parents across the world celebrated the day by decking up their fur babies.

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When your Mom makes you dress up warm before going out to play in the snow 🐼 Happy #nationaldressupyourpetday ! ⠀ It started snowing right before I left for work. Of course, I had to run out real quick to take a few photos. Dasher loves snow, so I’m hoping this isn’t all we get this winter. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #dasherbordercollie #dog_features #bestwoof #excellent_dogs #photooftheday #dogoftheday #dailybarker #barkforce #awdogs #thestatelyhound #pawmopolitan #borderfame #bordercollie #bordercolliesoftheworld #pnwonderdogs #bordercolliesofinstagram #akcbordercollie #bordercollielovers #mydogiscutest #dailybarks #puppytales #weeklyfluff #bordercollienation #pdxdogs #purebredshutterbugs #purposebred #responsiblybred

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Aww, aren’t these the cutest? Brb, going to get a Santa costume for my doggo!

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