For 5 Marks, College Asks Students To Draw An Entire Excel Sheet, Desi Students React

I have never been a big fan of sketching. Which is why, drawing diagrams during examinations was a terror for me. Our educational system demands us to memorise diagrams for even the most random of things – from a pea to mitochondria. However, for those studying computer, the diagram-drawing practice goes a bit too far.

Someone on Reddit, most probably a student, posted a picture of an excel sheet drawing alleging that a college asked students to draw a diagram of an MS Excel sheet for 5 marks. Have a look at the picture here:

While some pointed out that the picture might be a fake one, this struck a chord with several students, especially those studying engineering.

Many opened up about their own experiences of having to draw diagrams of Paint, MS Word, etc. and even write codes on paper for exams. Have a look:

Representational Image

Representational Image

Reacting to the picture, a few others said that they would just skip the question instead and blamed the education system for such bizarre practices.

Representational Image


Did your school make you draw bizarre (read: useless) diagrams too? Tell us!

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