Man Spends ₹39 Lakh On Body Modifications To Look Like A Dragon, Is Now Called Dragon Lady

Imagine dragons. No, not the band! I mean real dragons, Game of Thrones kind! And now imagine a human who looks like a dragon. Sounds like a character straight of a medieval fantasy show, right? Well, not really.

Meet Eva Tiamet Medusa, of Bruni, Texas, who calls herself the Dragon Lady. One look at her and you’ll know why!

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Eva has spent more than $60,000 (approx. 39 Lakh) to give herself this elaborate reptilian avatar, including a forked tongue, tattooed scales and eight horns on her head. What’s more, she plans to shell more $40,000 (26 Lakh) for further physical modifications!

Not to mention, Eva has a thing for tattoos and body piercings too, which complement her look.

Eva, who calls herself the ‘most modified transsexual in the world’ identifies with trans-specieism, a change in belief that occurred when she was diagnosed with HIV back in 1997.

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According to The Wizard of Odd, Eva was a man named Richard Hernandez, who was the vice president of one of America’s leading banks. However, his diagnosis prompted him to reconsider his life, and he decided that he did not wish to “die a human”.

For her, this is like a rebirth. She even states how she has two mothers; one is her birth mother, and her second birth parents are rattlesnakes.

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Her journey from being Richard, a gay man, to Eva, a transsexual woman who is also a trans-species has been one of the most defining moments of her life. And she plans to continue modifying her body till her metamorphosis is complete.

“I have eight horns on my forehead; I have had my ears removed; my nose reshaped; most of my teeth removed; I’ve had the white-part of my eyes stained; my tongue bifurcated; my whole face is tattooed and I’ve had some scarification and branding on my chest and wrist.”

You’d think she’s scary, but folks love her and often surround her for photo ops wherever she goes!

More power to you, Dragon Lady!

PS: Wait, so does that mean you call Daenerys your mom? #JustAsking

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