AIIMS Doc Who Risked His Life To Save A COVID-19 Patient Is Now Under Quarantine


Doctors and medical staff around the world have been working day and night, doing their duty and saving the lives of millions of people from coronavirus while risking their own. And one of these corona warriors is Dr Zahid who put his duty before his own life.

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Taking to Twitter, the Association of Resident Doctors’ of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, recently released a statement speaking about the exceptional dedication shown by Dr Zahid towards a Covid-19 positive patient.

In the letter, they wrote that Zahid from critical care at AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) wasn’t even able to break his Ramadan fast when he was called to shift an intubated patient to the ICU.

On facing difficulty in ventilating the patient and suspecting accidental extubation (removal of the tube that helps a patient to breathe), he decided to re-intubate him. Owing to poor visibility through the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), he decided to remove his goggles and in the process of saving the patient, he exposed himself to the virus.

Here’s the statement released by the doctors at AIIMS.

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Although some might question his actions, probably that was the only way he could have saved the sufferer. Dr Zahid is now under quarantine.

People online applauded him for his quick thinking:

Doctor Zahid didn’t even think twice before risking his own life to save a patient. Probably for him, duty comes first. We are indebted to such medical professionals who have held us together and given us the hope that this too shall pass. We pray for his speedy recovery.

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