10 Struggles Of Not Knowing The Local Language Of The City You Live In

India being a country where people speaking hundreds of different languages come together, it’s often hard for people who live in cities where languages they don’t understand, are spoken. Be it Marathi in Maharashtra for a non-Maharashtrian or Tamil in Chennai for others, it’s confusing to live in a city where just talking requires a lot of energy and patience.

Here is a list of things that people who don’t know the local language of the city they live in, go through:

1. You have to use a lot of gestures to communicate

Language 1
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Aaaaand I am done exercising for the day.


2. When people laugh at a joke, you just have to plaster on a fake smile because you didn’t understand it

Language 2
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 [email protected]#8. Wait. Are they laughing at me?


3. Every accent twists the words every which way

Language 3
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 Unless you are British, people shouldn’t even be allowed to have accents.


4. Rikshaw walas rip you off because they assume you are new to the city

Language 4
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 A 100 rupees for literally just crossing the street? If I had so much money to spend on travelling, I would have had my own Audi by now.


5. Getting lost in the heart of the city is not an option if there are no boards in English

Language 5
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 Right. left. left. Right. Rii…screw it. I will just build my own tomb here.


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 6. Asking the cost of vegetables and fruits while shopping, is a chore in itself

Language 6
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 *points at the vegatable, then at the wallet*


7. It takes a lot more time to get work done because the local administrative people can’t understand what you exactly want

Language 7
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8. You don’t know what food you are ordering because the name is something weird

Language 8
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 Paani puri aka Puchka aka Gol Gappa aka Gupchup. Let me just eat raw vegetables instead.


9. You think you know the meaning of something, when actually it means something different

Language 9
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 A male cat is called a Boka in Marathi. While “Kundi” means door latch in Hindi…it means buttock in Tamil. Yep. Gestures and pointing around seems better, doesn’t it?


10. And finally, after a few years of living there, you are finally able to say an entire sentence

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“Sorry if I offended you.”

Now not only do you know your way around the city, but you also know a few choice words. Mission accomplished!

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