When You’re A Vegetarian, But You Eat Eggs…

So there is this thing called being an eggetarian, where you don’t eat non-vegetarian food, but you eat eggs. I know, I know, most people don’t even understand it when you tell them you eat eggs but don’t eat non-veg. Here’s a list of situations you face when you are an eggetarian:

 1. People don’t understand the concept of not eating non-veg food, but eating eggs

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And I don’t understand how you eat other animals. But I keep my mouth shut, don’t I?


2. You have a rehearsed answer to the obvious question- you don’t eat non-veg food, but you eat eggs?

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Oh for the love of all the delicious food in this world- shut up.


3. They think that since you eat eggs,you can eat chicken too

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4. They think it’s okay to order pizza with chicken toppings, and you can just remove them while eating

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Oh, no, please. Why don’t I just eat dough instead?


5. You are kind of stuck in the middle; neither a vegetarian nor a non-vegetarian

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Oh well.


6. You are often left with little food since non-vegetarians eat eggs too and want to share your food

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Nope. Nope. Nope.


7. There is always a great debate whether eggs are considered veg or non-veg

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This is why the chicken crossed the road. Hoping somebody would run him over. And the questions would stop.


8. People think that if you could just try non-veg food once, you would like it since you eat eggs anyway

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So perhaps if you try vegetarian food, you could give up on non-vegetarian food?


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9. They laugh at you when you call yourself a vegetarian

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This is why I am not a people-person.


10. But despite all the ridicule you face…. you get the best of both worlds

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If you don’t feel like eating vegetarian food, you can have omelettes, scrambled eggs, egg biryani…anything with egg in it. Most people who eat non-vegetarian food don’t like to eat vegetarian food.


11. You don’t have to face the “If you are a vegetarian, how do you eat cake with eggs in it?” question

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My mouth. My food.


12. You are okay with eating at a vegetarian restaurant and don’t find it boring

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Pav Bhaaji. Check. Pasta. Check. Veg Biryani. Check.


13. Being an eggetarian is easier on your wallet than it is being a non-vegetarian

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Egg Biyani- Rs. 140

Chicken Biryani- Rs. 200


14. The best part- you don’t care whether its the month of Shravan or some other month- you can still enjoy veg food!



I can go to either a vegetarian or non-vegetarian restaurant and still get to eat my favourite food!

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