11 Things Boys Do That Make Them Go From Nice To Creepy

Creep [n; kreep] 

Used by females to refer to anybody, usually a male, who attempts to make romantic advances or shows the kind of interest in her that, is not mutual. Also see- Creeper, Creepo

Creep is a word which is derived from ‘creepy’ , but doesn’t exist in the dictionary in the form used by women all over the world, qualifying as the last thing they peacefully agreed upon. But women don’t just label anybody as a ‘creep’, there is a certain logic and a procedure which leads up to a girl saying, “Ugh, such a creep!”
Its almost a science and following are some of the laws of being a creep.

(DISCLAIMER : All characters appearing in this work are not fictitious at all. Any resemblance to real persons, living or passed out drunk, is purely intentional.)

1. So if you go up to a girl who doesn’t know that you exist, and tell her that you love her, you are a creep

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2. If you go up to a girl, who is fairly aware of your existence but is definitely not your friend, and you tell her that you love her, you are a creep

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3. If the favourite hangout of the girl you like becomes your new favourite hangout as well for all the wrong reasons, you are a creep

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Don’t even.


4. If you ‘drop’ a girl home and everywhere else she goes by walking exactly 30 steps behind her, you are a creep

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Then there are also the cyber creeps, who operate in the virtual world, for example-


5. If you keep sending messages to a girl being all ‘hey!’, ‘hi!’, to which she never responds, you are a creep

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I mean, take a hint dude.


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6. If you send messages like ‘Hiieee‘, ‘why dnt u repy to my msgs eva’, ‘I thnk we cn b rely gud frndzz’, ‘I thnk u r rely beutifl’, to which the girl never replied, you are a creep

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And yes, one of the major reasons for her not replying was the mind-numbing grammar.


7. If you flood a girl’s ‘others folder’ on facebook with messages. Irrespective of the content, you are a creep

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8. If you open an account with a fake ID to send a friend request to a girl who has blocked you, you are a creep

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Of the highest order.


9. If you comment on a girl’s pictures set to public visibility, saying ‘nice pic’ after she has rejected your friend request 47389 times, you are a creep

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Do we have to even mention that?


10. If your Facebook name is something like ‘prince sam rockzzzz’, you are a creep. End of story

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No arguments here.


11. If you have a girl’s picture as your phone wallpaper, it’s fine. But if that girl has turned you down after you expressed your feelings in one of the above mentioned styles, you are a creep

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You also remain to be a creep , if you take a screenshot of that wallpaper and email it to her because she has already blocked you on Facebook and Whatsapp.  SRK from Darr, are you?

Being a creep is a thing. And it’s so big a deal that girls had to come up with a term for it. So guys, don’t be creeps, you are ruining it for everybody. And as for all you girls out there, yes, a lot of guys are creeps, but a hell lot aren’t. Sometimes when they say that they want to have coffee, they just want to have coffee (while imagining other stuff), more or less. Oh well.

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