These 11 Tweets Show The Horrifying Future Of Immigrants In Trump’s America

Donald Trump

The last 24 hours can easily be deemed as tumultuous for anyone who was hoping for anything but, Donald Trump! It’s still Day 1 of the drama–which is unfolding like a reality show–and minorities in the USA (read Browns, Blacks and Muslims) are being meted out with racism and bigotry of a different level.

While teachers in America are trying hard to convince their elementary school students that their parents won’t be deported under Trump Presidency because of immigrant heritage, longtime US citizens of Muslim faith are considering shifting base to Canada. All of this, under the pretense of accepting the reality!

However, reality is no longer objective. These tweets will tell you why.

1. What has the world come to?


2. This is scary beyond words


3. Can you imagine the pain?


4. The America of dreams


5. It’s dead!


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7. This will tear your heart out


8. Jokes?


9. This wall will divide the nation. It already has.


10. And we live in the 21st century!


11. I’m at loss of words

Can we, collectively, for one moment, think of the examples we are setting for our progeny! Is this the progressive world we dreamed of?

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