Man Narrates How A Dollar Note Was The Reason He Met His Wife!

Married couples often hear the question, “Where did you guys meet?” And the usual answers include through friends, during college, at work or on a dating app. But some romances begin in the most unusual manner. For instance, at a cemetery or even a Durga Puja pandal.

According to Metro UK, US-based Jason’s love story began with a single dollar note that he wanted to return for a packet of chewing gum. The Independent reports that he narrated the story in response to the Reddit question “What is the most a dollar has ever gotten you?”

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Jason (Jfreak7) revealed, “Back in Jr. High, I liked a girl and flirted with her quite a bit. One time, during a band trip, we stopped at a gas station and she bought me a pack of gum. I tried to pay her back $1 but she refused. So, I slipped the $1 in her pocket. She then slipped the dollar in my backpack and so began the back and forth with the $1 bill.”

“We found silly ways to give it back and forth. I mailed it to her house. She stuffed it in a gum wrapper and offered me a piece. I then decided that I would ask her out on this $1. I wrote, “Will you go out with me” on it and put it in a note and gave it to her. She said yes (of course, it would be a terrible story otherwise, I suppose).”

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He further added that after being together 4 years, he used the same note to propose! The couple has now been married for 15 years and are parents to 3 children. And here is what started it all, kept safely all these years.

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People loved his story filled with cuteness and romance. They even suggested it be turned into a movie!

Their kids will absolutely enjoy hearing this ‘How I Met Your Mother’ story, don’t you think?

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