14 Things Dogs Do That Bring More Life Even During Your Dull Days

Days can be boring, dogs cannot.

They have an unlimited enthusiasm for life and living it to the fullest. And if have a dog living with you, your life gets influenced by the dog for the better.

You are more happy, active and content.

1. They come and console you when you are sad

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Somehow, they always know when you get upset.


2. They are always excited about everything

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Going to the backyard to get a tool?

Your dog is very, very excited about it.


3. They lose their shit with happiness when you get home after a long day

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And they are always incredibly happy to see you every day.


4. They always want to play

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And they will stop at nothing to play as much as they want.


5. They wake you up in the morning because mornings without you are boring for them

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The best alarm clocks you can get.


6. They always want to cuddle

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You will never ever need a therapist in your life.


7. They never ever get tired

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Somehow, even when they are tired, they still can play ball with you.


8. They keep you engaged

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You end up being more active around them, keeping them in control.


9. They teach you to love unconditionally

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They love you when you are upset, angry, happy or sad. And you learn to do the same too.


10. They never make you feel lonely

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People leave, dogs do not.


11. There is no concept of leftover food

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Food wastage = 0.


12. They are a brilliant source of entertainment

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They keep doing silly things, and that’s the best entertainment you can get.


13. They teach you to care even when you do not want to

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We stop caring when we do not have the energy to do so. Dogs teach us to have compassion even when we are at our lowest.


14. They are not shy to ask for love and affection at all.

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Giving love is cool, but dogs never shy away from asking for a belly rub. NEVER!

What are you waiting for?

Go, get a dog!

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