Video Shows Big Doggo Teaching Scared Puppy How To Cross The Doorway

We often fight our battles alone. But sometimes we need someone to be our guardian angel and hold our hands as we take that leaf of faith. This adorable doggo was also scared to cross the doorway. That’s when his best bud came to assure him that it’s okay!

In a video shared online by Reddit user u/jgride16, a black Labrador puppy can be seen standing in front of a doorway, skeptical to cross it.

Pup is scared to walk through the doorway, so his brother shows him it’s okay. from AnimalsBeingBros

Clearly, he can’t gather the courage to go pass it. Sensing his fear, another doggo comes through the doorway to show him how it is done. He probably came to tell him, ‘see brother, if I can do it, so can you.’

It took two demonstrations from his big brother for the pup to finally overcome his fear and cross the doorway.

Well, people online loved how both the doggos communicated with each other in the most adorable way. This is how they reacted:

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Isn’t the big brother’s gesture towards the Labrador puppy just adorable? There’s so much to learn from these pawsome furry creatures.

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