Doggo Delivers Home-made Cookies To Neighbors Amid COVID-19 Lockdown, Watch Video

While most humans are stuck inside the homes amidst lockdown following the global spread of COVID-19, animals are freely wandering around on the streets.

And during these times of crisis, pet animals are indeed helping their hoomans to take a break from the pandemic stress with their cute antics. In fact, a British bulldog, Sheldon is spreading joy in his neighborhood by delivering home-made cookies to them during the boring times of lockdown, reports Times Now.

Sheldon’s pet parent Kate Mitchell, from West Sussex, felt that her friendly doggo who loves to interact with her clients who visit her hair and makeup studio was feeling lonely due to lack of social attention. So Kate decided to help her doggo get social with her neighbors.

“Since Sheldon and me have been social distancing and with my workplace being shut, I’ve really noticed Sheldon missing his usual interaction with people. So we decided to bake and deliver homemade cookies to our local community and neighbors to cheer everyone up – plus give Sheldon that interaction he’s been craving!” Kate said.

Kate’s neighbors were all happy to receive the cookies from the furball. “The look on some of their faces was beautiful – Sheldon is a very popular and loved dog in the area anyway so people welcomed him in for a quick cuddle! I waited outside obviously. I even had one person message me saying, ‘thank you, that made my day’,” Kate said.

Kate shared the video of Sheldon delivering cookies to their neighbors on his Instagram. Have a look:

Sheldon is truly a champ! What do you think about Sheldon’s cute gesture for his neighbors? Tell us!

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