Girl Shares Video Of Dog Replying To Her “I Love You”, And Everyone’s Doing The Same Now!

It’s simple really. Dogs are the best thing to happen to mankind and they should be reminded of this every single moment of their dog-yeared lives.

So go ahead and play with your dogs, cuddle that floofernugget, scratch behind that fur-monkey’s ears, give the cutiepies their favourite treats, and of course, say “I love you” to them every day.

Because who knows, they might just say it back to you! Yeah, no kidding!

Twitter user @kesslieshaye shared a pawdorable video of her saying “I love you” to her dog. The usual pet owner stuff, right? But watch what happens next!


Kesslie’s tweet went quite viral and her little piece of floof had to personally come and acknowledge her fans on Twitter!

The video has not just upped the cuteness meter on Twitter, but also prompted her followers to try it out with their dogs. So, congratulations, Twitter has turned into a floof fest!

Just imagine, a bunch of doggos saying those three magical words to you! Let’s just say, a lot of true love is going to be happening here!

1. Such a good girl! I think her name’s Belle, as in a Disney Princess? Aww!

2. This doggo is trying so hard, you’ll be melting right away!

But you don’t want to stop after just the first try! Kesslie urged people to keep going!

3. Tough love is still love, okay?

4. Yep, this champ’s got it!

5. Sometimes, they won’t say it back. But that doesn’t mean they don’t love you!

Just get this one a nice treat and maybe then?

6. Ouch, that snub hurt!

7. This one’s a talker!

Doggo lovers were absolutely loving this PDA and were all for it!

The purest thing ever is the love between a human and their pet and this one just hit that sweet spot right on! Plus dogs, so!

1. Ever!

2. More pressure for the other dogs to perform now!

3. Ohhh an open challenge!

Hence proved,

Amen! Speaking on behalf of all doggo lovers, “We love you babies too!”