Meet The Adorable Doggo Who Runs A Sweet Potato Shop Single-handedly In Japan

If you think that the only profession meant for a doggo is to be a police dog and track criminals, you are wrong! Apart from being the most faithful and loving animals, doggos are pretty intelligent too. So much that they can man a food stall all alone.

Yes, you read that right! An adorable 3-year-old Shiba Inu runs a roasted sweet potato shop single-handedly (or paw-edly) in Japan. Every time a customer visits the shop, the friendly pet pops up at the counter greeting them.

Named as ‘Dog’s Sweet Potato Shop’, the stall runs on the honesty policy. The customer must pick up a packet of wrapped roasted sweet potato from the box kept at the counter and drop 100 yen (approx 70 Rs) for each pack.

The cute little doggo named Ken-Kun, however, has never learned math. Hence, a sign beside him reads, ‘Because I’m a dog, I can’t give change’. So, the visitors must either drop the exact amount or pay extra which is used to buy some delicious food for the four-legged shopkeeper.

But you can’t really fool Ken. He is trained to keep a close eye on his customers and if you pay less or not at all at the stall, Ken might chase you down the street!

Ken’s shop has also featured in the local Japanese news channel. The pictures of the adorable canine shared by an amazed customer have broken the internet lately.

If you visit Japan in winter, do visit Ken-Kun at his shop and try out the roasted sweet potatoes. You go Ken-Kun!