YouTuber Trains Dog To Respond To ‘Harry Potter’ Spells & The Death Eaters Should Hide


More than once in your lifetime you have come across a dog who can do the ‘handshake’. It gets boring after sometime and you wonder, what else can dogs do?

Meet Remus, a longhaired mini Dachshund, who is a bit of a Potter-head.

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YouTuber Anna Brisbin is a huge Harry Potter fan and decided to train her dog Remus into obeying spells from the book ever since he was 2 months old!

Anna posted a video on her YouTube channel showing off all the spells that the little pupper has learned so far. Boy-oh-boy would the dog make Professor McGonagall happy!

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Here’s a look at Remus wearing his Hogwarts robes who fakes death on hearing Avada Kedavra:

If you’re wondering, dogs really don’t have an idea what we are saying. They usually connect the sound of a word to an action. So when Remus gets out of bed to switch on the light on hearing “Lumos”, you’ll know he’s no ordinary muggle.

Watch the video here:

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