Dog Who Was Rescued During Mexico Floods Gets Adopted By The Mexican Navy! Watch Video

Recently, Mexico was hit by unprecedented rainfall causing massive floods. Several people and animals were displaced by the calamity. A video of a frightened dog who was struggling to stay afloat amidst the floods went viral online, reports The Indian Express. The dog was found clinging on to a window and was rescued by members of the Mexican Navy who arrived on a boat. The video had left several people emotional.

However, life took a happy turn for the dog as he now has found a new family! The Mexican Navy took to Twitter to announce that the dog has been adopted by them.

In another video posted by them, the dog is seen wearing his new uniform! He will now undergo training to become a search and rescue dog.

And dog lovers online couldn’t be happier. Many called it a new beginning for him!

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The dog is about to begin a new journey. Hope he gets all the love and cuddles he deserves!

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