Dog Heroically Prevents Little Girl From Falling Into The Water, Heartwarming Video Goes Viral

Dogs are probably the only creatures in this world, who love you unconditionally. Apart from being just loyal, they will also protect you with all their might if need be. And of course, we have come across numerous examples of the same over the years, which prove our point.

However, in today’s clip, we have come across a dog showing its incredible sense of responsibility while preventing a little girl from falling into a river.

The 16- second clip shows the kid walking on a muddy slope and moving towards the river to get her ball which fell into the water. At that moment, the dog standing next to her notices that she has moved extremely close to the water body.

The heroic canine quickly gets on her rescue act, runs towards the girl and pulls her back into the safe zone. It then goes into the water to bring back the ball.

Here is the video:

The video spread like wildfire on Twitter as it touched the heart of the netizens. While some applauded the pooch for its presence of mind, the others were left emotional.

Someone rightly said, sometimes heroes come with four legs and a tail.