Dog Lover Travels 349Km To Search For Dog Lost In Noida, Announces ₹10K Reward

It is rightly said that for a dog-lover, there is no form of love purer than the love of the four-legged creature. Their warmth can make us move mountains and their cries can make every heart melt.

Hence this dog-lover travelled 349 kilometres just to find an eight-month-old female dog that escaped from an animal welfare shelter she moved her to.

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Pragya Mishra, 31, found a lost dog whining at South Delhi’s Greater Kailash. Touched by her cries, she brought the dog home and started looking for a family who could adopt her.

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According to India Today, Pragya had been distributing 400 pamphlets announcing Rs. 10,000 as a reward to help her find the eight-month-old female dog, Cookie.

“I had come to my Delhi house for some work when I saw that a lost Indian breed dog who was searching for its owner(s) – I could sense that. Next day, when I saw her crying on the road I brought her home. As I had to go back to Uttarakhand, I started looking for a family who could adopt her. A man from the US told me he will come to India within a month or two to adopt Cookie. He suggested me to send her to Kannan Animal Welfare centre in Noida. He also paid $500 (Rs. 34,280 approx.) when Cookie was moved to the centre on June 8.”

A month later Pragya was informed that the dog she admitted at the foster home went missing. She then came down to Delhi from Uttarakhand to search for Cookie. But sadly, Cookie is nowhere to be found.

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Pragya alleged that she has approached the Noida police but they denied filing a complaint quoting that ‘cops don’t have time to search for a lost dog’. However, an investigating officer at Knowledge Park police station said, “We lodged a complaint and a probe is underway.”

We really wish Cookie is safe and finds a loving family, soon!

Cover image: Unsplash

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