Watch How This Adorable Dog Couldn’t Stop Kissing His Partner For A Serious Photoshoot

Dogs are called man’s best friend and called so for a reason. They are the most loyal creatures who never stop supporting and loving their human friends. So when Department of Natural Resources (DNR) officers in USA were to have their official portraits taken with their partner dogs, love was all that was flowing in the air.

A conservation officer from the state of Indiana, USA, Levi Knach sat down with his K-9 (partner dog), Kenobi for an official portrait photo shoot. While Knach was all set for the shoot, Kenobi had some other plans.


The dog couldn’t stop showing his love for Knach and it brought a smile on his face too. 


Officer Knach adjusted his hat and got ready again for the picture, but Kenobi was still giving him kisses.


Finally, the dog stopped showering love on Knach and the two got a perfect picture together.


All this love between Officer Knach and Kenobi is not a new thing as the two have built a strong relationship over the years while serving the region. DNR Corporal Rodney Clear says, 

“Officer Knach and Kenobi constantly train for the unfortunate situations of locating missing persons, locating evidence from criminal activity, and detecting illegally taken wildlife.”

This settles it. Everything, even an official portrait, gets better with a dog in it.

News and Image Source: The Dodo