Attention Seeking Dog Faking Broken Leg Is All Of Us When BAE Ignores Us!

Accept it not, we all have been guilty of faking an illness millions of times just to get some attention from our crushes or our family members. And a little faking never hurt anyone right?

Well, this is what this attention-seeking doggo seems to have learned from hoomans.

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A street dog who was nicknamed Gae by the locals in Bangkok was seen faking an injury just to get some attention and treats from passers-by.

A video shared on the internet shows Gae dragging his left hind leg as if it were broken. But once the passers-by are tricked into thinking he needs help, the clever dog gets back on all fours with a wide doggy grin!

Reportedly, Gae has been successful in deceiving people with his act. Local resident and dog lover Thaweeporn Chongplapolkul, who regularly visits Gae, said she has had both of his back legs checked and vets said there was nothing wrong with them.

“This old dog has lived my workplace for a few years. He always does this trick to deceive people. I feed him rice but he still has this habit. He’s very smart. I think he does it to get people to feed him,” explains Thaweeporn.

“While we stopped to watch him that day, a motorcyclist stops because he thinks the dog is hurt. But then he jumps up and walks away. It’s too funny. We call him Gae.”

The internet is digging the pooch’s sassy way of tricking people:

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Well, Gae is every attention-seeking millennial acting ‘hurt’ when BAE is busy. Don’t tell us you’ve never tried it!:wink:

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